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  • Not Just Trash Removal in Indianapolis!

    Although we have been the experts in trash removal and recycling since 1965, we offer much more than that!

    Some of the services that our customers enjoy are as follows:

    • Document shredding
    • Land clearing
    • Demolition
    • Disaster cleanup

    Residential Waste Removal and Recycling

    We offer 90-gallon wheeled garbage cans and 18-gallon recycling bins so you can keep your home in tip-top shape, as well as help the earth. We will pick up your trash and recycled materials for a competitive price. If you miss getting your containers to the curb on time, you can call us. If you call quickly, we may be able to turn the truck around to come back to you. If not, we will provide alternative collection options for you.

    Commercial, Industrial, and Construction Waste Removal

    We don’t just service residential customers. We can also assist industrial, commercial, and construction-based clients. Here is a breakdown of the different options we provide:


    • Containers of various sizes (90 gallons to 10 cubic yards)
    • Waste removal up to six times per week
    • Roll-off containers for special projects
    • Various collection schedules for your convenience


    • Self-contained compactors (best for wet materials)
    • Stationary compactors
    • Self-dumping hoppers
    • Shredders
    • Balers
    • Conveyors
    • Containers in various sizes
    • Frequent and dependable pickup services


    • Roll-off containers, which are larger than standard commercial containers
    • Containers in various sizes, from 10-40 yards
    • Same-day services, usually available for orders placed by 11 am
    • Containers for LEEDS

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